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Ventanas K-line - trecons
Ventanas K-line - trecons

Windows and French windows openable

They have the best thermal and acoustic performance of the best carpentry on the market. These bright windows combine performance, purity of lines, and attention to detail, synonymous with well-being and energy savings.

They benefit from the elegance of this material to better integrate into the architecture and style of your home. Their customizable design, with a wide range of colors and visible or invisible hinges, allows them to adapt to all your interior decoration desires.

Ventanas K-line Air - trecons
Ventanas K-line Air - trecons

K-LINE AIR · Control solar input and privacy

Don't sacrifice your privacy for comfort anymore: K-LINE AIR windows are a solution that adapts to all your needs.

Their adjustable and tilting slats, protected from dirt and moisture, require no maintenance and guarantee you optimal sound insulation as well as precise management of solar input by filtering light and view according to your needs.

Correderas K-line - trecons
Correderas K-line - trecons


More than simple openings, K-LINE sliding windows with 2 and 3 tracks are true frames that embellish the family environment, while facilitating the circulation of natural light into the heart of the home.

They offer unparalleled views of the outside and can also be widely opened to merge the living room and the garden.

Correderas K-line Vision total - trecons
Correderas K-line Vision total - trecons

TOTAL VISION · Frameless

K-LINE's Total Vision sliding system, due to its larger glazing and use of essential profiles with the frame embedded in the wall, allows for greater visibility and maximum use of sunlight.

Although it continues to provide exceptional performance with the highest levels of tightness, and its leaf and frame profiles without bimetal effect facilitate its handling in all conditions.

Correderas K-line Minima slide - trecons
Correderas K-line Minima slide - trecons

MINIMA SLIDE · Minimalism

As its name suggests, the MINIMA SLIDE sliding system seeks the minimal manifestation of the components that make up a window. The fixed elements are embedded in all walls, both floors, ceilings, and walls.

Correderas K-line oculta - trecons
Correderas K-line oculta - trecons

Hidden leaf between walls

K-LINE sliding French windows with leaves hidden between walls are an ode to freedom: their leaves slide inside the wall to disappear completely, thus freeing the passage and enhancing the space.

A total opening that allows the exterior to merge with the interior, and vice versa, and brings all the benefits of natural light.

Correderas K-line elevable - trecons
Correderas K-line elevable - trecons


With the lift-and-slide sliding system, K-LINE guarantees you a tightness of the enclosure to wind, air, and water, in accordance with the most demanding levels, with large surface formats glazed.

Puerta Surface Kline - trecons

Puerta perspective K-line - trecons

Puerta caractere K-line - trecons

Puerta contemporaine K-line - trecons


Puerta Prestige K-line - trecons

Puerta creative K-line - trecons

Puerta luminiscense K-line  - trecons

Puerta Clarté K-line - trecons


Entry doors

A decorative element in its own right, K-LINE entry doors constitute a bridge between the intimacy of the intimate interior space and the visibility of the exterior image.

Their high-quality finish, combined with a wide selection of colors and designs, guarantees high performance and harmonious integration that you can customize to your liking.

The aluminum design allows you to incorporate a modern touch to your home. We offer up to 8 collections for you to unleash your creativity.

Puerta Monopanel K-line - trecons
Puerta Monopanel K-line - trecons

Monopanel STEEL

Maximum security and durability, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and elegant design are what the K-Line monopanel STEEL entry door range offers you. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, 100% tailor-made, and designed for you.

Puerta Premium K-line - trecons
Puerta Premium K-line - trecons

Entry doors · PREMIUM

Panel or glazed entry doors with high performance and intensive use equipped with effective security devices.

Due to their high durability of use, they are ideal for businesses and collective housing.

Asesoramiento · trecons


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Technically, it is one that allows the opening of one or two leaves that rotate on the side frames, to which they are attached by hinges.

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