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Proveedores trescons
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Proveedores trescons
Proveedores trescons
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Our history · Trecons

Our history dates back to 2000, when at just 16 years old I started working in the world of aluminum in a family business.

After two years, I became the manager of the company for 2 more years, until I changed workshops for a larger one to try new things and face new challenges. I have always liked to set myself challenges, and this was one more, which I had to carry out.

Sobre nosotros · trecons

But in my head was the idea of having and running my own workshop with the help of José Manuel Campos. I only have words of thanks to the 2 workshops where I worked because thanks to them, I am where I am.

The name TRECONS comes from a construction company that my father had many years ago and in honor of him we put that name with which I feel very identified.

We hope to continue offering the best service for many years and innovating to always be at the forefront. Thanks to all who have trusted us.

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Our quality-price ratio positions us as one of the most efficient companies in the market.

Fabricantes · trescons


Being manufacturers allows us to be more efficient in time, price & product quality

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+ 20 years in the guild makes us have the know-how to transfer it and instill it in our professionals

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We take care of every aspect of the work from manufacturing to reaching the hands of our customer

Productos de KLINE · trecons
Logotipo de KLINE · trecons

Windows · Sliding · Doors

Choosing the K-LINE aluminum joinery manufacturer means choosing the most innovative windows and doors on the market. Quality, design and attention to detail that mark its performance… and all the difference!

Techos de cristal · trecons
Techos de cristal · Trecons

Glass roofs · Manufacturers

Glass covers provide us with total transparency, which means the creation of larger spaces than with other products. They allow direct light passage without losing brightness in adjacent rooms, as well as heat conservation.

Pergolas bioclimaticas · trecons
Pérgolas bioclimaticas · Saxun

Bioclimatic pergolas · Experts

They allow you to enjoy outdoor life all year round. They regulate room temperature naturally, while protecting from solar radiation, rain, wind or snow.

Cortinas de Cristal · trecons
Cortinas de cristal · claroflex

Glass curtains · Manufacturers

Glass curtains are a set of glass panels that slide on rails or horizontal profiles, allowing you to cover a space, in this case your terrace, so you can use it all year round · Exclusive distributors in Mallorca.

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Technically, it is one that allows the opening of one or two leaves that rotate on the side frames, to which they are attached by hinges.

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Tilt and turn

Double opening function, vertical and horizontal. Great versatility due to its double interior opening, which allows different levels of ventilation.

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They are structures of sliding windows in the shape of an accordion or bellows. They are especially useful for wide gaps.

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Their leaves slide on rails, moving to the left or right to open the gap, aided by a wheel system that allows smooth movement.

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They are a type of blinds that are placed in front of the windows. They usually have a hinge system that allows easy manipulation, although there are sliding ones.

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Screens are structures used to divide two or more areas, it is a transparent or translucent panel, generally made of tempered glass.

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Designed to offer a multitude of advantages and enjoy at home more space, greater protection and energy saving thanks to the controlled use of solar energy.

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Glass ceilings

A glass roof is a structure of aluminum and tempered glass that covers an open space such as a pergola, porch, terrace or inner courtyard.

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Glass curtains

Set of glass panels that slide on rails or horizontal profiles, allowing you to cover a space, in this case your terrace, to use it all year round.

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If you have doubts about your project, contact our professionals. They will provide you with the best solution

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Muy profesionales, excelente trabajo y materiales.

Ramón Horlazo Cliente
google reviews · Trecons

Excelente servicio, profesionales y atentos

Luís Cliente
google reviews · Trecons

Profesionales. Recomendable 100%

Dimline Cliente
google reviews · Trecons

Buen trabajo de alumino

José Palacios Cliente
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